Enrollment protocol

The owners of bars, restaurants, wine-bars, bistros, night bars or clubs or other eno-gastronomic venues that would like to join Wine Trust only need to request their participation and guarantee that their offer and service activity meet the requirements of Regulation WT-001:2015 of General Specifications for a good wine service (please see the following pages) and sign the WT Club agreement.

The owner of the establishment must fill in the checking form Check WT-001-A

A WT ambassador will evaluate the different sections of the Rules and Regulations both qualitatively and quantitatively, by rating each one at three levels (1, 2 and 3 points).

The WT distinction is awarded when compliance with the basic aspects of the Rules and Regulations is proved and the final marking average is over 1.5 out of 3 points.

Accreditation procedure upon request

The process starts with the initial checking phase (1) which consists of a self-diagnosis check (Check WT-001-A) previously completed by the owner of the establishment.

Later, a three-month evaluation and support (2) period is set for the accreditation of the distinction requirements by the WT local ambassors and by the consumers that are members of the WT Club.

The candidate will have to sign their agreement of adherence to the principles established by the Wine Declaration of Wine Trust and their commitment to comply with the Rules and Regulations specifications for one of the three categories, as well as to keep the adherence conditions for a whole calendar year.

The WT accreditation service (3) will inform the owner of the effective enrollment, the validated rating that has been accepted and the authorisation for the use of WT® logo and brand in their establishment.

The adherence is always for free and whenever the establishments end in the 3-month period established. Otherwise the €50 + VAT administrative taxes shall be applied to reopen the adherence application.

Classification of the distinguished establishments

In the Wine Trust Guide, the number of references of the wines offered, both for the service per drinks and the wine list will be identified by using one, two or three drinks respectively according to the table below.

All the establishments, regardless of the classification as for the number of references of wines offered, will be equally promoted and distinguished by Wine Trust under the same conditions.



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