Wine Declaration


Wine Trust Declaration

Essential in the world of food · Wine is a both unique and essential product within the food culture in our country. It contributes richness, authenticity and diversity typical of the vine-producing region where it comes from, its grape varieties and the one set by the climate and the process and vintage applied to its elaboration.

Natural and healthy · Wine is a natural and healthy product and, if drunk with moderation and responsibly helps towards the quality of our feeding, whether in combination with the other food or by itself, since it gives aromatic and gustative pleasant sensations. These exceptional aspects shall be shown through its promotion and spreading in order to make the wine a star product in bars and restaurants.

A part of our cultural heritage · Wine represents a cultural, scenic and rural heritage in our history and thus it needs to be preserved, announced and tasted. Also, it is a source of value from its vine origin to its consumption.

The main figure of good service · In the restaurant business the consumer is to be given the best offer and treatment when being served wine. The dedicated comfort and attention are elements that contribute to making a good impression of the bar or restaurant and so to favouring its consumption.  The presentation and the service in glasses and at the diner’s table shall comply with some professional criteria in favour of the consumer and the establishment. In order the guarantee those goals, staff shall be both trained and qualified.

Straightforward and friendly · Communicating the wine offer should be simple, direct and adapted to the real consumer’s requirements or wishes. It shall be presented in a natural and accessible way.

Good value for money · The wine-selling and serving establishments have to boost, as far as possible, its good value for money by not overpricing the wine list, the glasses or bottles of wine unjustifiably. They must also have enough references of quality wines guaranteed by a range or prices that meet the customers’ needs.

An object of loving care · Having well air-conditioned wine cellars or wine fridges in the establishment is essential for the optimal preservation of wine. It will help provide the customer with a good wine list which, regardless of its tipology, meets the customer’s needs and expectations. The staff shall be aware of how important preservation is, as well as of the appropriate turnover of stock. The wine serving temperatures and the glasses used for the tasting or consumption shall be the adequate ones  to achieve the maximum level of customer satisfaction.

Harmony symbol · Wine, when shared, forges and binds ties, seeks for understanding among the parties and favours social communication.

Source of sensations and emotions · The quality wine, both balanced and authentic in its conception, is a source of emotion for the one tasting and enjoying it.

A versatile and universal drink · Wine can provide you with different options and varieties which are adaptable to your tastes and preferences, for all ages and profiles in all shapes and at all times.



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