Our Mision

Wine Trust Vision

Offering a good wine service at bars and restaurants is a proof of quality that can be certified, distinguished and communicated. This is the main principle on which the project of Wine Trust is based. 

WT Mission

Wine Trust aims to contact the regular consumers of wine, its potential customers and new customers with the places which offer a great wine list and quality service.

Wine Trust promotes those bars and restaurants that clearly advocate a greater display of wine and promote and spread its culture.

WT Brand

Wine Trust ™ is a trademark owned by ECOMUNDIS EDITORIAL, SL. This trademark may only be used by permission of the company and in compliance with Regulation WT ® .

 WineTrust Objetives

  • To advertise those bars and restaurants that clearly take a chance on an excellent handling of wine in favour of the consumer and that moreover spread its culture and values.
  • To facilitate its location in villages and towns through the WT Guide, which is going to be published online and on the current responsive mobile portal in the first quarter of 2016.
  • To motivate and bring new customers closer for a moderate and responsible wine consumption in a Wine Trust establishment. It is for all those consumers that have not been attracted to the offer so far since they did not have any references that were innovative or attractive enough for their leisure habits or preferences, or just because they could not find the appropriate venues where to enjoy wine.
  • To develop Premium customer loyalty for those who already appreciate wine and just look for places where too enjoy a wide variety and a quality service.



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