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3 May, 2015

From Ecomundis Editorial we have developed Wine Trust. An innovative format thought to satisfy the current customer’s needs.

This system supports and gives value to the work of professional sommeliers or wine stewards and to the people in charge of wine-serving bars and restaurants across our country, who facilitate the consumption and location of those establishments offering quality offers and premium services.

We have created the WT Club in order for the members to get advantages and discounts in the establishments of the WT network by way of customer loyalty and promotion.

The restaurant business plays an important role in the image of our wines. Giving support to their function is giving support to the sector as a whole.

The time has come to take a step in favour to the consumption with moderation and responsibly. Wine Trust will lead you through the best experiences.

Pablo Chamorro
Director de Ecomundis Editorial

What is the Wine Trust Seal ?

Wine Trust is the system for identifying, acknowledging and distinguishing the offer and the quality service for bars, restaurants and restaurant business establishments in our country.

WT guarantees the compliance with the general specifications for a good service established in its application Rules and Regulations and also shows the spots where proximity and organic wines are offered to customers and diners.

Ecomundis Editorial will recommend in its WT Guides ®, the media and on social networks all the establishments adhered and will offer a special yearly regognition to those with the most creative and avant-garde wine offer.

Wine Trust establishment network

Wine Trust provides your geographical location and advertises the offer and the wine events by the establishments adhered to the  WT ® network.

The main beneficiaries of this guarantee seal are the establishments or wine-selling points (bars, cafés and restaurants), which will have their offer distinguished and communicated for a better access to the customers.

The WT gain new customers, who in turn have the pleasure to try the wines and have the best accompaniment to the best food offer, whether its is in your town or city or the place they find themselves in from time to time.

In the short and mid term, the WT establishment contacts and gets through to the public more effectively and at the same time to the members of the Wt Club who appreciate and treasure the appropriate treatment of wine and the food world.

On the other hand, producers will see their wines better-ranked and in the mid term and so their offer will be better promoted in favour of a higher consumption of wine against other drinks that currently share the offer in the establishments belonging to the hotels, restaurants and caterer’s sector.

Official announcement 2015-2016 

In July 2015 Ecomundis Editorial releases its yearly announcement to more than 2,000 establishments in the hotels and restaurant business as candidates to WT distinction 2016.

Out of all of them, 1,000 shall be included in the WT Guide ’16 and on the current portal for location and website promotion

Wine Trust Barcelona will be the first WT Guide that will come out in April 2016.

In order to be entitled to stand for a post, each establishment shall sign the WTDeclaration and show its compliance with WT Rules and Regulations of General Specifications for a Good Wine Service.


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