Club advantatges

Discounts on the wine list

Discounts on some references on the wine list or wines from closest appellations. The discount value shall be either directly or as an exchangeable WT voucher in the same establishment for the purchase or consumption of wine. It is non-nominative and transferrable to a new customer that might not be a member of the Club.

An extra glass of wine for your companion  

Obtén una copa-extra de vino al mes para tu acompañante.

Offers may not be combined and they are applicable once per month per establishment and member of WT Club. The membership card in force must be shown and the WT Glass Ticket, presented.

Discounts on the points Wine Trust Friendly for wine purchase

Discount up to 10% on products priced at RRP and on wines identified at the establishment.

Access to Wine Events either for free or with  

Free events for Wine Trust Events or with discounts for the (promoted) WT Friendly Events.

  • Tasting sessions
  • Wine Trade Fairs

Trimestralment Wine Trust sorteja entre els seus membres

  • Un lot de tres vins
  • Un paquet enoturístic
  • Tres invitacions a dues copes de vi en algun dels establiments WT
  • Una ampolla de vi si fas que un dels teus amics es faci membre del Club.

 Wine Trust et mantindrà informat mensualment de…

  • Descomptes i promocions oferts pels establiments WT i els punts de venda WT Friendly.
  • Les millors ofertes en matèria de vins i productes relacionats amb la Xarxa Wine Trust.
  • Els nous establiments adherits i els seus esdeveniments.
  • Les principals novetats dels establiments, com ara les actualitzacions de les seves cartes de vi, les seves millors ofertes i activitats, així com incorporacions de sommeliers o professionals a la seva plantilla.
  • Entrevistes d’interès.

Consuming and buying in WT establishments with your VIP Club WT Card has advantages and discounts that you must not overlook.

Ask for your WT card !
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